I Am Water
(Scholastic Reader, Level 1)

by Jean Marzollo
illustrated by Judith Moffatt

I Am Water summary: Simple text and colorful cut-paper illustrations combine in a celebration of the beauty and usefulness of water that depicts such objects as a rainy day, steam cooking, and ice cubes.

For teachers, this book doesn't provide enough information on water to replace your materials in your units (in direct instruction), but it's a great literacy link to your lesson.  Once we've taught about water (during our weather unit), we have our reluctant readers read this book to us, and thanks to their prior knowledge (from your lesson), decoding isn't quite so hard....and they do great.  :)

And if you end up liking this book, there are several more equally well done book in the series, including:  I Am Fire, I am a Caterpillar, I Am Planet Earth, I Am a Leaf, I Am a Rock, I Am a Star, I Am an Apple, I am Snow, and I Am a Seed.  All are by Jean Marzollo and part of the Scholastic Reader series.

Below are the first three spreads from inside this well done early reader.