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It was Christmas Eve, and as usual, we were talking books.  As a family of teachers and certified bibliophiles, our family get togethers always eventually result in a discussion of great books. Finally (and perhaps somewhat bored), our father suggested we make a website to share our recent book discoveries with the world, and thus, the idea for this website was born.

We've had a tremendous amount of input from teachers across the nation and across the curriculum, so this site is much more than just the work of three sisters who happen to love books. But in case you are curious 'Who would go to all this effort?"...here's a little about ourselves:

Betsy is the youngest sister and currently teaches first grade. She has an MA in Education and an MA in Geography. Of the sisters, she's the techie one of the three, having done graphic design and marketing in her previous career before becoming a teacher.

Cindy is the middle sister and has wanted to be a teacher since age 5! She has taught first grade for 12 years and Early Childhood Education for five years before that. She has an MA in Education and was selected as one of the Top 10 Educators in Utah in 2014.

Virginia is the oldest and has been teaching since 1989! She currently teaches at a school she loves: Donnelly Elementary. Virginia has an MA in Education and a Reading Endorsement. She has taught grades 2-5 for 16 years and worked as a Reading Specialist for 8.

And, to make it truly a family affair, our mother is also involved. She oversees buying and organizing the books we sell, and she makes sure that each one is in tip-top shape. As with so many other things, we couldn't have done it without her or our father, who together raised us to be a family of readers and support us in all we do.

And...our users help create this site too! 
This website wouldn't be possible without all the input we've received from other teachers, homeschoolers, and involved parents. We're just the organizers! Your input is what makes this site most helpful to us all, so please keep the book suggestions, reviews, and lesson ideas coming.

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