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*Note on the books that we include

(1)  We only list books that can be purchased at . That may sound odd, but we do have a good reason. We have all had the experience of getting super excited about a book that would be "perfect" for an upcoming lesson, only to discover that the school library doesn't have a copy and we can't find it anywhere online. So...we don't list out-of-print books or books that would be really hard for a teacher to get ahold of. And since Amazon appears to be the largest bookseller on the planet, we decided to make that our criteria.  That way, if a teacher's school library doesn't have a copy, he or she doesn't have to do too much running around to get a copy elsewhere. Because let's face it...what teacher has that kind of time!

(2) We don't list books with poor Amazon reviews.  This is a hard one, since I think everyone has a book that they absolutely 'love' but that, quite bafflingly, didn't impress other readers quite as much. Our goal is to list books that are as close to a sure hit as possible, and we think lots of positive reader reviews is a good way to accomplish that.  So if the book you want to suggest has poor reviews on Amazon, maybe you could add a review there yourself, and start the tide turning in a positive favor.  And then...once that happens, we can add your book.  But until then, no can do. Sorry. We need at least 3.5 stars but prefer 4 or more.

And that's all.  Hope we are still friends. :)