Best Children's Books for:
Guided Reading Level J / DRA Level 16

Below are the best Guided Reading Level J / DRA Level 16 books. (It's the same level--just some schools use the one book leveling system and others use the other.)  In general, kids read books on Guided Reading Level J / DRA Level 16 around the middle to end of first grade (although every child is different, so check with your child's teacher to determine his/her exact level). We hope this list will help you get your reader stocked up for hours of reading fun.

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Best Picture Books
at Guided Reading Level J / DRA 16 Books

The Stray Dog
(a family finds
a stray dog while
on a picnic --
Caldecott winner!)
Level J / 16

Buzz Boy and
Fly Guy
(Buzz and Fly Guy
are superheroes!--
LOVE this series!)
Level J / 16

Duck on a Bike
(Once duck rides
bike, all the other
farm animals want to
ride one too!)

Level J / 16

Fly Guy and
the Frankenfly
(Buzz has a night-
mare about a scary
Frankenfly monster!)
Level J / 16

There Was An
Old Lady Who
Fly Guy

(a funny twist on the
popular tale)

Wild About Books
(a librarian finds
the perfect book for
each zoo animal--
a very cute book!)

Level J / 16

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Hop on Pop
(rhyming book
full of Seuss's
trademark rhymes)
Level J / 16

A Fly Went By
(a whole range of
creatures rush by...
where are they going?)
Level J / 16

The Pigeon Finds
a Hot Dog
(will pigeon share his
hot do with duckling--
brilliant book!)
Level J / 16

The Pigeon
Needs a Bath
(pigeon is super
dirty needs coaxing
to take a bath)
Level J / 16

The Duckling
Gets a Cookie
(Duckling asks for a
cookie and gets one.
What will pigeon do?)
Level J / 16

Green Eggs
and Ham
(classic Seuss book
starting Sam-I-Am
Level J / 16

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Amazing Grace
(a little girl who
loves stories and
acting them out)
Level J / 16

Fancy Nancy and
the Mean Girl
(Nancy is picked for
the relay team...but
so is that mean girl)
Level J / 16

The Cat in
the Hat
(a class about a crazy
cat creating havoc)
Level J / 16

There's a Fly Guy
In My Soup

(Fly Guy creates havoc
at a fancy restaurant)
Level J / 16

many Poppleton
series books
(a cute series about
a pig about town)
Level J / 16

Hand, Hand,
Fingers, Thumb

(a band of hyper
monkeys explain hands,
fingers, and thumbs)
Level J / 16

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Danny and
the Dinosaur

(first in the popular
how they met)

Level J / 16

No More
Monsters for Me!

(what will a girl do
when a monster hides
in her basement)

Level J / 16

Morris Goes
to School
(Morris the moose
goes to school
learns to count)

Level J / 16

(a horse heads to
the city
to try and find
where he's needed)
Level J / 16

A Quarter from
the Tooth Fairy

(a boy loses a
tooth and is visited
by the tooth fairy)
Level J / 16

Harry the
Dirty Dog

(cute classic about
a dog who loves
to play outside
and hates baths!)

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Book! Book!

(animal friends head
to the library for some
reading material)
Level J / 16

the Emu

(tired of being an emu
Edward tries to act
like other animals)
Level J / 16

My Monster Mama
Loves Me So

(funny explanations
of how monster mamas
take care of their kids)
Level J / 16

Polar Bear Night
(beautifully illustrated
nighttime tale --
perhaps a little young
for level J readers tho)
Level J / 16

Ten Timid

(ghosts happily haunt
a house until a
mean witch moves in)
Level J / 16

The Rain
Came Down
(a storm brings a chaos; by the creator
of No David books
Level J / 16

The Day the Babies
Crawled Away

(toddler saves runaway
babies who are off
on an adventure)
Level J / 16

My Lucky Day
(when a pig shows
up at his door, fox
thinks it's his lucky
day...but is it?)
Level J / 16

The Giant Hug
(a hug travels across
the country from animal
to animal to get all
the way to grandma)
Level J / 16

The Bravest
Dog Ever
(true story of a dog
sled team
that braved
a snow storm to

deliver medicine)

Old Black Fly
(an ABC book of
all the stuff that one
old black fly gets into
--great illustrations!)
Level J / 16

(a porcupine in a
petting zoo tries
to woo a fellow
prickly creature)
Level J / 16

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Duck Rabbit
(a simple drawing
could be a duck OR a
rabbit. Which is it?)
Level J / 16

I Wanna Iguana
(a boy and his mom
exchange letters about
getting an iguana)
Level J / 16

Diary of a Wombat
(a wombat describes
his life
of eating, sleeping, digging...)
Level J / 16

When the Wind

(a touching book about
the cycle
of life.
orgeous illustrations)

Today I Feel Silly
(a little girl explores
her many moods --
super adorable)
Level J / 16

This Is Not My Hat
(a little fish steals
a hat. So Funny!)
Caldecott Winner!
Level J / 16

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Cowgirl Kate:
School Days

(Kate goes to school
in the latest book
in this great series!)
Level J / 16

Fancy Nancy:
The 100th Day
of School
(Nancy needs to bring
100 things to school)
Level J / 16

Fantastic Frogs
(solid informational
text about how frogs
grow, what they eat,
where they live...)
Level J / 16

Strange Pet

(Max & Emma want
a pet but Emma is
allergic...what to do?)
Level J / 16

Fancy Nancy
and the

from Paris
(will the new boy
from Paris be fancy?)
Level J / 16

Fancy Nancy:

(Nancy wants fancy
glasses like Bree's)

Level J / 16

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Fancy Nancy:
Poison Ivy Expert
(Nancy accidentally
picks poison ivy!)

Guided Reading J

many Little Bear
series books
(adorable classic
series about a little
bear and his mama)
Guided Reading J

Leonardo the
Terrible Monster
(a not-so-terrible monster
tries to be more scary
--so adorable)
Guided Reading J

Washington and
General's Dog

(great kids bio; includes
a true story about saving
a dog during battle)
Guided Reading J

Mouse Soup
(can mouse save
himself from
being Weasel's
next meal?)
Guided Reading J

Fancy Nancy:
Day is
Earth Day

(Nancy wants her
family to go green)
Guided Reading J

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