Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein

Interrupting Chicken is such a cute book!  In the story, it's bedtime, and rooster papa is trying to read fairy tales to his daughter, but the sweet little chicken can't stop interrupting him to warn the characters of impending danger! Finally, rooster papa suggests she make up a story to tell him instead, and what she creates is an adorable childlike tale of a little chicken putting her rooster papa to bed.

School Library Journal rightly said this is "one of the rare titles that will entertain both parent and child." So true!  And, we've successfully used this book to talk about interrupting. Little chicken is adorable, true, but also clearly so disruptive -- and kids get that!

Stein used watercolors, crayons, and ink to create the adorable, vivid illustration in this book. He also uses distinctly different looks to help distinguish the scenes in Papa Rooster's storybooks from the scenes in the main story. Very well done!

Reading Levels
Interest Level:   Preschool-Grade 2
DRA Level:   20
Lexile Measure:   300L
Grade Equivalent:   1.1
Guided Reading:   L   

Awards Won
* Caldecott  2011 Honor Book
* American Library Ass. Notable Children's Book 2011
* New York Public Library 100 Titles for Reading & Sharing
* CYBIL Award Finalist Children's Book 2011
* Smithsonian Notable Children's Book 2011

See Inside Interrupting Chicken

Here are two sample spreads from inside Interrupting Chicken. These spreads occur at the beginning of the book, just as Rooster Papa is putting little chicken down to bed.

Related Teaching Idea
Classroom Management Idea: "Quack"
This is a great book to read at the beginning of the year when you're teaching classroom behaviors. I read this book, then discuss when it's appropriate to talk, the importance of raising your hand, etc. I also tell them that when they interrupt, I will say "quack" to them to remind them that they don't want to be an "interrupting chicken." (The chicken doesn't really quack in the book, but they don't seem to remember that.)  I say it softly, with a straight face--I don't want it to be too harsh but I also don't want to turn it into something fun. It's seems to work...sometimes. :)

Candlewick Press Activity Kit
Candlewick Press's (publisher of this book) has created a fun activity kit to go with this book. To access it, click here, then click on "Read to Us! StoryHour -- Activity Kit."