How Do Dinosaurs
Count to Ten

by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

Jane Yolen's How Do Dinosaurs series is a definite hit with young kids, and this title is perfect for preschool and Kindergarten math lessons, as it shows dinosaurs in the same learning situation that children in the target audience will likely find themselves in (learning to count, with mom cheering them on).

One downside (as far as using it with kids just learning to count): the pages do not include the numerals, just the words and objects.  But despite this small downside, we really like this book. Yolen's rhyming text is bouncy and fun (ie: "Dinosaur counting starts with one. One tattered teddy bear just for fun.")  And Teague's illustrations strike just the right balance for this age group-- 'scientific' enough for young dinosaur fans to recognize the tyrannosaurus rex, pteradactyl, etc, yet also playful enough to match the book's silly premise.

Reading Levels
Interest Level: PreS-K              DRA Level: 14                 Lexile Measure: 480L
Grade Level Equiv: 2.8            Guided Reading: H

See Inside
Below are sample spreads from inside this book. As you can see, the text is quite minimal, letting the numbers concept and the adorable dinosaur antics take center stage. Your kids will want to stop at each page and do the counting for themselves...exactly what you want from a counting book!

This book is part of the How Do Dinosaurs series books. Kids love them, and they always seem to have a good lesson in there as well.  :)  To learn more about books in this series, click the link above or the book covers below.