Claudette Colvin:
Twice Toward Justice

Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice
by Phillip Hoose

Most Americans think Rosa Parks was the first African- American to refuse to relinquish a seat to a white person, but several months before Rosa's courageous act, 15-year-old Claudette did the same. She was arrested, but did not become the face of the movement. That was Rosa. Claudette was left with a police record and a host of other problems, but despite it all, she testifed in the case that eventually led to an integrated bus system.

In a starred review, School Library Journal said that this book is an "outstanding choice" that will "give [students] new perspective on the era."

Awards Won by this book

   -Newbery Honor Book 2010
   -School Library Journal Best Books 2009
   -Jane Addams Honor Book
   -American Library Association Sibert Informational Book Award 2010

Reading Levels for Claudette Colvin

Interest Level: Gr. 6-12               DRA Level:  70                 Lexile Measure: 1000L
Grade Equivalent: 8.5                Guided Reading: Z                     

Book Covers available for this book

There are two different book covers available for this book.  We like the Yellow One marginally better, but both make you want to pick up the book and read!

Lesson / Activity Ideas

Related YouTube Videos
One interesting way to reinforce what students have learned through this excellent book would be to show them one of the following related videos from YouTube:

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-A short (1:25) video of Claudette's story, with pictures set to music: here

This book was an honoree for the prestigious Newbery Award for best children's literature. We have a list of all of the Newbery Award books. Check them out.

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