Bathtime for Biscuit
by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
illustrated by Pat Schories

Finding a good series is a GREAT way to get kids reading, and few series capture the earliest readers quite like the Biscuit series.  Boys and girls alike love this cute little puppy, and they absolutely beam with delight when they can read these popular books all on their own.  Unlike Bathtime for Biscuit, the majority of Biscuit books range from Level E-G / DRA 8-12. this one is a Level C / 4, and absolutely perfect for readers at this level!

Bathtime for Biscuit summary:  Woof, woof! Biscuit needs a bath!  Everything is ready for Biscuit's bath; everything except Biscuit! He wants to roll in the mud and play with his friend Puddles! Will Biscuit ever be clean? Join Biscuit in this bathtime fun-filled adventure.

Below are the first three spreads from inside Bathtime for Biscuit. This is such a cute but simple book -- just perfect for early readers.  Repetitive text is a key feature of leveled C / 4 books, and this book is full of repetitive text.  It's perfect for kids just starting to read books--perfect for this level!

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