Books for Level 38/Level P
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Below are books that are perfect for kids reading on DRA Level 38 / Guided Reading Level P. (It's the same level--just some schools use the one book leveling system and others use the other.) In general, kids read books on level P / DRA 38 at the end of third grade and beginning of fourth grade (although every child is different). We hope this list will help you get your reader stocked up for hours of reading fun, and as always, if you know of a good book you think we should include, just let us know.  

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Below are individual Level P/38 books with links to buy on Amazon:

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Starry Messenger:
Galileo Galilei

(Full of fantastically detailed
illustrations, this book
provides an extraordinary
view of the life of Galileo.)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

The Stinky
Cheese Man

(The entire book is one
spoof after another on the
art of the fairy tale. Kids
LOVE this funny book.)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P


(A touching portrayal of
the author's grandfather's
story of immigration.
Caldecott Medal winner!)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Mirette on the
High Wire

(A Caldecott winning tale
a girl who follows her
dreams and a man who
conquers his fears.)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

The Hundred

(A Newbery Medal winning
classic about kindness,

compassion, non-bullying,
and doing
what's right)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Tar Beach
(Caldecott Award winner!
Recounts the dream
adventure of young Cassie
who flies over her 1930s
Harlem neighborhood.)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

McElligot's Pool
a Seuss favorite about
Marco who daydreams
of the possibilities that
await him while he fishes
in McElligot's Pool.)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Horton Hears
a Who!

n this Seuss classic,
Horton discovers that "a
person’s a person, no
matter how small.")
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Oh Say Can
You Say!

Tongue twisters abound
in this classic Dr. Seuss
A true wonder-
ment of words).
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Happy Birthday
to You

Seuss's joyous ode to
individuality that helps
enhance the thrill of
celebrating a birthday)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

How the Grinch
Stole Christmas

The ultimate Dr. Seuss
Christmas classic! No
holiday is complete
without the Grinch!
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

The Wump World
(In this Bill Peet classic,
Pollutians invade
Wump World and turn
the green meadows
into a concrete jungle.)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Gooseberry Park
(A sweet tale of the
friendship between a dog
and a squirrel.
Written from
the animals' perspective)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Two Bad Ants
A tale of two ants who
decide to venture off
on their own into a
danger-laden kitchen.)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Riding Freedom
(fictionalized biography
famous equestrian
who lived her life
disguised as a man)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Falling Up
Wander thru Nose
Garden, ride the Little
Hoarse... Let Silverstein's
magic tickle your mind)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

(Caldecott Medal winning
retelling of the classic fairy
tale, with
style illustrations)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Notebook of Doom:
Attack of the
Shadow Smashers

his time Alexander is up
against shadow monsters)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Fantastic Mr. Fox
The story of clever Mr. Fox
and his family, who
outsmart three of the
nastiest, dumbest farmers
ever to raise poultry.)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

The Giraffe and
the Pelly and Me

(A hilarious Roald Dahl
story about
a boy who
meets some unusual
window cleaners.)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Sally Jean, the
Bicycle Queen

(A young girl loves to
ride her bike "Flash". 
But now she's outgrown
it. What will she do?)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

A Bad Case
of Stripes

(Camilla is very, very
worried about what other
people think of
worried that she's about
to break out in stripes!)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P


cranky grandma
needs some medicine
to cure her grouchiness!)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Smoky Night
A dramatic, compelling
child’s-eye view of urban
violence. Caldecott Medal
Winner. For older kids.)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

A very unique story of
a boy who, as a summer
project, creates his
own civilization.)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

The Garden of
Abdul Gasazi

(A beautifully illustrated
book about the thin line
between illusion & reality)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Biggest, Strongest, Fastest
Highlights animals that
are the largest, slowest,
longest lived, etc...)
DRA 38 / Guided Rdg P

Chapter Book Series
written at Level 38 / Level P

Captain Underpants series: Three of the books in this very popular series are written at DRA Level 38 / Guided Reading Level P, including: The Adventures of Captain Underpants, Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets, and Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman.

[FYI: All of the other books in the series are written just one level higher -- DRA level 40 / Guided Reading Levels Q & R].

Click here to see Captain Underpants books on Amazon

Time Warp Trio series: Most of the books in the popular, silly-but-super-educational Time Warp Trio series are written at DRA Level 38 / Guided Reading Level P. We've shown a few of them above, and below are the series books that written specifically on this level:

  • Tut, Tut!
  • See You Later Gladiator
  • Sam Samurai
  • Me Oh Maya
  • Lewis and Clark... and Jodie, Freddi and, Samantha
  • Knights of the Kitchen Table
  • Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?
  • Da Wild, Da Crazy, Da Vinci
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy
  • Your Mother Was a Neanderthal
  • You Can't, But Genghis Khan
  • Oh Say, I Can't See
  • Viking It and Liking It
  • It's All Greek to Me
  • Summer Reading Is Killing Me!
  • 2095
  • The Not-So-Jolly Roger

Click here to see Time Warp Trio books on Amazon

Magic School Bus series: There are so many books in this prolific series that they definitely span the gamut of reading levels, but we've found the following series books that were written specifically at DRA Level 38 / Guided Reading Level P:  (MSB = Magic School Bus)

  • MSB Explores the Senses
  • MSB Goes Upstream: A Book About Salmon Migration
  • MSB Spins a Web: A Book About Spiders
  • MSB Butterfly and the Bog Beast: A Book About Butterfly Camouflage
  • MSB Gets Planted
  • MSB Inside the Earth
  • MSB Inside the Human Body
  • MSB Lost in the Solar System
  • MSB on the Ocean Floor
  • MSB Inside a Hurricane
  • MSB Gets Eaten: A Book about Food Chains

Click here to see Magic School Bus books on Amazon

Hank the Cowdog series: About half of the MANY Hank the Cowdog books are written at DRA Level 38 / Guided Reading Level P.  (The vast majority of the remaining books are just one level higher -- DRA 40 / Guided Reading Q -- with just a few that are 30 / N).

To be honest, we have no personal experience with these books -- we'd never even heard of them until a few people wrote in to suggest we add them to our lists. There are TONS of books in this series, and they seem fairly popular on Amazon. We will look into them ourselves, but in the meantime, we thought we'd let you know about them.

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