Books for Level 34/Level O

Below are books that are perfect for kids reading on DRA Level 34 / Guided Reading Level O. (It's the same level--just some schools use the one book leveling system and others use the other.)  In general, kids read books on level O / DRA 34 in third grade (although every child is different). We hope this list will help you get your reader stocked up for hours of reading fun, and as always, if you know of a good book you think we should include, just let us know.  

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Notebook of Doom: Chomp of the Meat-Eating Vegetables
(Alexander battles giant
meat-eating vegetables
to save his school)
!DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

Notebook of
Doom: Whack
of the P-Rex

(Alexander and friends
find huge footprints and
candy? It's a monster!)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

Never Girls:
In a Blink

(four best friends all get
their big wish--they’re
whisked to Never Land)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

(A family waits out a
tornado with stories
about a very special
dog named Tornado)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

The Mouse and
the Motorcycle

(Much loved classic
early chapter book about
a little mouse who
takes the ride of his life.)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

Runaway Ralph
(In this second book in
the series, Ralph gets
more than he bargained
for when he runs away to
a nearby campground.)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

Do Not Open
This Book

(Same fun idea as Don't
Let the Pigeon Drive the
and There's a Monster
at the End of this Book
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

Swamp Angel
Original tall tale set on
the American frontier,
stunning folk-art
paintings. This book
won the Caldecott!)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

Thunder Rose
(An exuberant tall tale
with an irresistible
African American heroine.
We love the fantastic
Kadir Nelson illustrations.)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

Ivy and Bean
Take the Case

(This series is so fun!
Many are level M/24, but
this one's right at O/34.
Series fans will love this!)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

 Three Little Wolves
& the Big Bad Pig

(A delightfully skewed
version of the traditional
Three Little Pigs fairy tale.
This book is so fun!)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

Owl Moon
(A gentle, poetic story
about a young child
and her father exploring
the natural world. Won
the Caldecott Medal!)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

(A beautifully illustrated
story about a little snake
doesn’t want to grow
up to be big and green)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

(This Caldecott Medal
winner is
a rich, detailed
exploration of America’s
early railroads. Stunning!)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

Kat Kong
Doctor Varmit creates a
might creature--Kat Kong
who then breaks free and
terrorizes Mouseopolis)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

The Legend of the
Indian Paintbrush

Retells a native American
legend...and conveys a
nice lesson about how
everyone is important.
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

The Legend of
the Bluebonnet

(Retells a native American legend of how the bluebonnet flower
came to be. Well done.)
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

The Legend of
the Poinsettia

(Retells a Mexican legend
of how the poinsettia
came to be, through a
little girl's unselfish gift ).
DRA 34 / Guided Rdg O

Chapter Book Series
written at Level 34 / Level O

My Wierd School series: Every single book in this funny, kid-friendly series was written at DRA Level 34 / Guided Reading Level O. Yea!  That's 21 books total -- 21 books that kids can devour once they are hooked...even reluctant readers. :)  Shown above are the first five books in the series: Miss Daisy is Crazy, Mr. Klutz is Nuts, Mrs. Roopy is Loopy, Ms Hannah Is Bananas, and Miss Small Is Off the Wall. ALL the books can be found at Amazon (and even come in a 12 book set and a 21 book set).

Click here to see My Wierd School books on Amazon

Nancy Clancy books: Most of the books in this series are written at DRA Level 34 / Guided Reading Level O, including: Nancy Clancy: Secret Admirer, Nancy Clancy: Super Sleuth, and Nancy Clancy Sees the Future. (We'll work on getting the others leveled and listed soon!)

Click here to see Nancy Clancy books on Amazon

Geronimo Stilton: Most books in this hugely-popular series are written at DRA Level 34 / Guided Reading Level O.  Yea!  And, we can attest with out own are these books popular with kids!!!  Thankfully, there are A LOT of book in this series -- 40 at last count!  All of the books are written with grades 2-5 in mind, and many are specifically written at this level.

The Level 34 / Level O books in this series include: Four Mice Deep in the Jungle, Red Pizzas for a Blue Count, Attack of the Bandit Cats, A Fabumouse Vacation for Geronimo, All Because of a Cup of Coffee, The Temple of the Ruby of Fire, The Phantom of the Subway, Watch Your Whiskers, Stilton!, A Cheese-Colored Camper, Field Trip to Niagara Falls, Valentine's Day Disaster, The Secret of Cacklefur Castle, My Name Is Stilton, Geronimo Stilton, Shipwreck on the Pirate Islands, The Karate Mouse, Singing Sensation, A Fabumouse School Adventure, Geronimo's Valentine, A Very Merry Christmas, Geronimo Stilton, Secret Agent, Geronimo and the Gold Medal Mystery, Valley of the Giant Skeletons, The Mysterious Cheese Thief, The Mouse Island Marathon, Down and Out Down Under, Wedding Crasher, The Christmas Toy Factory, The Mummy with No Name, and The Search for the Sunken Treasure.

Click here to see Geronimo Stilton books on Amazon

Ramona Quimby series: All eight books in the Ramona Quimby series are written at DRA Level 34 / Guided Reading Level O. Several of these books have won the Newbery Award, and even though they are several decades old, they are still quite fun for kids to read. They don't come across as dated (like some other older series do).  Again, all eight books in this series are written on this level. They are: Ramona Quimby Age 8, Beezus and Ramona, Ramona the Pest, Ramona the Brave, Ramona's World, and Ramona and Her Father, Ramona and Her Mother, and Ramona Forever.

Click here to see Ramona Quimby books on Amazon

Amber Brown series: Many (not all) of the books in this series are written at DRA Level 34 / Guided Reading Level O, including: I, Amber Brown; Amber Brown Goes Fourth; Amber Brown is Feeling Blue; Forever Amber Brown; Amber Brown is Green with Envy; Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit.

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