Best Children's Books for:
Guided Reading Level H / DRA Level 14

Below are the best early reader books that are written at Guided Reading Level H / DRA Level 14 books. (It's the same level--just some schools use the one book leveling system and others use the other.)  In general, kids read books on this level in first grade. (Ideally, first graders start at level C-D / DRA 4-6 and keep progressing in reading to end of levels I-J / DRA 16.  However, every child is different, so check with your child's teacher to determine his/her exact level).

We sincerely hope this lists will be a helpful resource for teachers in need of guided reading books or for parents looking for books for their own children to read. And if we've left your favorite off our lists, please let us know!

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Best Books Written at this Level
Guided Reading H / DRA 14

Put Me in
the Zoo
(Spot shows us all the things he can do. Part of the I Can Read All By Myself beginning reader series.)

I Am Invited
to a Party

(Elephant helps Piggie find an outfit for a party. Part of the hilarious Elephant & Piggie series.)

There's a Wocket
in My Pocket!

(Seuss book of bizarre
creatures and rhymes. Part of the Seuss Bright & Early Books series.)

Can I Play Too?
(What happens when snake wants to play with these pals? Part of the hilarious Elephant & Piggie series.)

Super Fly Guy
(A funny story about how the clever and zippy Fly Guy survives the lunchroom ladies! Second in the series.)

Fox in Socks
(A fox challenges Mr. Knox to some tongue twisters. Part of the I Can Read All By Myself beginning reader series.)

Pigeon Loves
Things That Go

(Everyone's favorite energetic pigeon is back and this time he wants to drive all sorts of vehicles. Very cute!)

Yes Day
(A fun book "Yes Day!"--the one day of the year when all kids requests get a yes answer. ie: Pizza for breakfast?  Yes!)

My Friend

(Animal friends help a bunny get his toy that's stuck in a tree. Winner of the prestigious Caldecott Medal!)

The Enormous

(A cute folk tale about how a farmer gets help harvesting a huge potato. Teaches
team problem solving)

Never Quit

(American soccer star Mia Hamm tells a real life story about dealing with a loss without getting angry or quitting)

Bark, George
(A little pup makes all kinds of animal sounds except bark! Named one of 100 Great Children’s Books by the NY Public Library.)

Danny and the
Go to Camp
(Danny's going to camp, and he's taking the dinosaur! Racing, rowing, hiking...this gigantic camper is a huge hit! )

the Seal

(An adventurous seal
leaves the zoo, heads to school, and learns to read! This classic early reader has charmed kids for generations.)

No New Pets
(Noddle's house gets a new pet cat. Will the new cat now get all the attention? Part of the adorable Noodles the dog series.)

A Kiss for
Little Bear

(When grandma gets a picture from Little Bear delivered by hen, she sends a kiss back to him via some animal friends)

Morris the

(A cute story about a confused moose and his friends. Full of fun word play, this silly story has been charming kids for decades.)

May I Please
Have a Cookie

(In this cute book, Alfie the alligator learns the  best way to get a cookie is to say please. Great early reader with a message.)

The Ice
Cream Shop
(Steve and Wessley are two friends who get into the silliest situations! Here they figure out how to get ice cream.)

Harry Gets Ready for School
(A fun back-to-school book showing al the things Harry does to prepare for the new year.)

It's Too Windy
(Noodles must be courageous and save a baby when the wind blows his carriage down a hill. Part of the cute Noodles series.)

A Picture for
Harold's Room

(Harold uses his crayon to create a picture on his wall, and begins to create a whole new world around him.)

It's Spring
(A sweet rhyming story full of charming watercolor illustrations that help spread the news that spring is here!)

The Biggest
Snowball Fight

(A snowball fight leads to a new dance and starts a whole new
town tradition.)

(A sweet story of a little goose who left home to learn what no one could teach her--that she can fly!)

Cat Up a Tree
(Who will help Nana Quimby get the cats down from the tree? Children will love counting all the cute cats in this book's lively artwork)

Hey, Pancakes!
(Three kids and a dog make some morning pancakes -- and an enormous mess -- while their parents sleep.)

(On his way to school, a boy befriends a very large bear who is lost. So cute! We read it to our students every year!)

Little Blue Truck
(A pack of farm animal friends help out when their buddy's truck gets along a muddy country road. Teaches friendship and helping others.)

Go Away Big
Green Monster!

(A classic interactive book that has helped kids chase away nighttime fears for decades.)

Flying High
Villainous birds are causing chaos all over the city of Gotham, Will the Super Friends be able to stop them?

Captain Cat
(Captain Cat has joined the army! And he has a best friend who can make an army barracks feel like home.)

Nina, Nina,

A little girl who loves ballet dances in a big performance. Dance fans will love this book!

Nina, Nina,
Star Ballerina

(Nina's friends think she is the star of the show, so she now has to set the record straight.)

Nina, Nina,
and the Copy-
cat Ballerina

(a new girl in class is
copying Nina's moves! What should Nina do?)

The 100th Day
of School

(Early reader about
100th day activities.
Designed to help build reading and counting skills.)

The Tooth

(A classic early reader all about teeth and how to care for them. Part of the Seuss Bright & Early Books series.)

Happy Birthday,
Danny and the

(Can a dinosaur go to a birthday party? Come to Danny's house and find out.)

Polar Animals
(Fabulous photographs, eye-catching design, and simple rhyming text teach early readers all about the fascinating lives of polar animals!

Mr Brown
Can Moo!

(Mr. Brown is a sound-making wonder! He has so much fun making noises you hear every day. Part of the Seuss Bright & Early Books series.)

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