Best Children's Books for:
Guided Reading Level F / DRA Level 10

Below are the best early reader books that are written at Guided Reading Level F / DRA Level 10 books. (It's the same level--just some schools use the one book leveling system and others use the other.)  In general, kids read books on this level in first grade. (Ideally, first graders start at level C-D / DRA 4-6 and keep progressing in reading to end of levels I-J / DRA 16.  However, every child is different, so check with your child's teacher to determine his/her exact level).

In our experience, you can't just buy any books written at this level.  Because word choice is so restricted, many books written at this level are dreadfully dull or super awkward. But not the books below. They all pass our 'teacher test' AND kids really like them too. :)

All of the below Level F / DRA 10 children's books are available to buy on Please note that as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

We sincerely hope this lists will be a helpful resource for teachers in need of guided reading books or for parents looking for books for their own children to read. And if we've left your favorite off our lists, please do let us know!  We love book recommendations.

Finding a good series is a GREAT way to get kids reading.  Read a few of the books to get them hooked...and the kids will keep coming back for more and more!  Here are a few of our favorite series that have level F/10 books. Note that as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Noodles series books

Brief Summaries of Books

  • Gus Makes a Friend -- What's a cute little rhino to do when his mom and dad are too busy to play outside with him on a snow day?
  • Scat, Cat! -- A lost cat keeps getting shooed away, until he finds a little boy who won't tell him to 'scat cat'. By the author of Biscuit books.
  • Apple Picking Day! -- A cute story about a brother and sister's visit to an apple orchard. A fun rhyming early reader that's perfect for fall.
  • Fly High, Fly Guy! -- Fly Guy goes on the family vacation! This is a MUST HAVE series for kids at this level. They love it!
  • Big Shark, Little Shark -- A fun book about two sharks who are different in many ways but have one important thing in common!
  • I Am Not a Dinosaur-- A baby pterosaur learns to fly / introduces this type of prehistoric animal to early readers.
  • Biscuit series -- Biscuit books are written with young kids in mind, and many but not all are written at level F/10, including: Biscuit, Biscuit Wants to Play, Biscuit Goes to School, Biscuit Visits the Big City, Biscuit's Big Friend, Biscuit Finds a Friend, and Biscuit's New Trick. 
  • I Spy series -- The popular photographic search-and-find series created by Walter Wick is now available in early reader format, and many but not all are written at this level, including: I Spy a Candy Cane, I Spy Merry Christmas, I Spy Santa Claus, I Spy a School Bus, I Spy a Dinosaur's Eye, I Spy a Pumpkin, and I Spy Funny Teeth.
  • Noodles series:  There are dozens of books in this adorable series about an energetic, determined little puppy named Noodles.  Specially written for early readers, all books in this series are written with Kindergarteners and 1st graders in mind (Guided Reading levels D-H / DRA 6-14). Of this series, many but not all are written at level 10 / F, including:  I Am No Turkey, I Hate Bedtime, I Hate My Bow, I Can Help, No Kisses Please, I Love Colors, and I Love Snow!  (Other series books range from level D-H / DRA 6-14).
  • Pete the Cat and the Surprise Teacher -- When Pete's mom is the substitute for his class, he is ready to show her the ropes. A must have series for early readers.
  • Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach --Pete has a blast at the beach until he gets too hot and he has to (gasp!) jump in the water to cool off!
  • Dinosaurs -- A basic but very well done early introduction to dinosaurs that will have beginning readers to proud to read. Nice illustrations.
  • Loose Tooth -- Finally a loose tooth! So why won't it come out. Perfect for early readers, especially since they'll certainly relate. And cute illustrations!
  • Digger the Dinosaur -- How's a big dinosaur supposed to tidy up such a small bedroom without making it an even bigger mess?
  • Digger the Dinosaur and the Cake Mistake -- Digger and his dino dad get lost on the way back from buying a cake. Will they make it back?
  • Disney Cars: Go, Go, Go! -- A cute, fun early reader (does have a few challenging words --character and location names from the movie)
  • Look! I Can Read! -- An excited little girl can't wait to show everyone what a great reader she is! New readers will share the excitement.
  • Mouse's Hide and Seek Words -- A fantastic book for teaching kids to find chunks they know inside bigger words ("chunky monkey")
  • Mouse Makes Words -- A fantastic book for practicing word families and phonemic substitution (ie: changing cup to pup)
  • Octopus Under the Sea -- In rhyming text, this gives a good early introduction to octopuses (what they eat, where they live...)
  • National Geog. Kids: Safari -- Shows the different animals that can be seen on a safari in the African savanna.
  • A Bug, a Bear, and a Boy -- Three friends happily spend a day together--planting, reading, eating, napping... Sweet and kind of funny.
  • Henry on Wheels -- A little boy rides his by around his neighborhood and sees all kinds of other things on wheels. Part of the cute Everything Goes series.
  • Gus Loses a Tooth -- Gus the rhino is back and this time his tooth is really loose, and he is more than ready for it to finally come out!
  • Baa-Choo! -- A cute rhyming story about a sheep who cant seem to get his whole sneeze out, and gets some help from his animal friends.
  • Halloween Fun -- The Robin Hill School first graders are dressed up and excited to visit the 'fun house' but will it end up being too scary to go inside?
  • What is That? Said the Cat -- We LOVE this book for struggling readers and for teaching rhyming as it features different animals with what they rhyme with.
  • Rocket's 100th Day -- Rocket has collected lots of 100 things to take to school, but Uh Oh! Bella the squirrel has found his hiding place!
  • I Love My New Toy! -- A friendship is 'tested' when a new toy is accidentally broken. Part of the UNBEATABLE Elephant and Piggie series.
  • In a People House -- A Dr. Seuss classic about a mouse and a bird creating chaos when they go inside 'a people house' and see all the stuff they have.
  • JoJo and the Big Mess -- Featuring Fancy Nancy's little sister, Jo Jo!!!  In this book, she makes a huge mess and Daddy isn't pleased.
  • Kit and Kat -- A sweet Tomie dePaola early reader about the fun a brother and sister have playing together--at the playground, at grandpas, everywhere!
  • Mia Sets the Stage -- Mia has been practicing for the big performance for weeks but then she hurts her paw. Will she be left out of the performance?
  • Space Kid -- A rebus story (with pictures for hard words) about a cute little alien boy. Great for teaching shapes.
  • Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch -- Pete's got a feast to eat for lunch, and now he's ready to share it with his friends.
  • Soccer Game! -- A super cute book describing kids playing soccer ("We pass. We run. We have such fun!")
  • National Geographic: Flutter, Butterfly -- A good first informative reader, full of beautiful photographs and on-level words.
  • I'm a Fire Fighter! -- A cute rhyming story about an aspiring fire-fighter practicing all his fire fighting skills.
  • The Early Bird! -- A Richard Scarry classic that we loved as kids AND kids still love, about a bird who finally finds a worm to play with.
  • Tae Kwon Do! -- An early reader that shows kids what types of activities children learn when they take martial arts classes.
  • Cookie's Week -- A very popular Tomie dePaola book for early readers, featuring a spunky cat and all the mischief he gets up to on each day of the week.
  • The Big Bug Dug -- A bug digs down deep in order to find a quiet sleeping spot, and see lots of interesting things down in the soil.
  • The Pup Speaks Up -- A little pup is just too shy to say anything until the encouragement of his buddies helps him finally 'speak up'.
  • I Love Trains -- A super popular about a little boy sharing all the many things he loves about trains. The target audience might be a little younger than 6 year olds, but it is designated as level F/10.
  • Panda Kisses -- A sweet bedtime story about a little panda wanting to learn all the different kinds of kisses. Content may feel too young for 6 year olds but it is designated as level F/10.

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