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This website was created by teachers. We happily use the great children's books listed on this site every day in our own classrooms.

Great children's books are like magic, sparking a love of reading and a love of learning too! You just need to get great books into the hands of children, then watch the magic happen. Did you know that nearly 30,000 children's books are published every single year? What busy parent, teacher, or librarian has the time to sift through them all?

No problem! That is why we started this website-- to share our great children's book finds with you!

Teachers: It's never been easier to strengthen your literacy curriculum with compelling, educational children's books!

Our lists make the best children's books just a click away. And coming soon...what every teacher is looking for: lists of children's books by reading level (DRA, Lexile, Guided Reading, or Grade Level Equivalent).

Fantastic children's books can spark a love of reading and learning. Average or boring books can, sadly, have the opposite effect. Children who are repeatedly exposed to uninspired children's books eventually find reading, well, uninspiring. Quality matters! Picking the right children's books matters!

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Why picking the best children's books matters

When you see the light in their eyes, you know you've found the right book. Few things are more powerful in generating excitement and interest in a subject than a great children's book!  Books start the adventure.
That's why we've created this site--to help teachers and parents get great children's books in the hands of their children. We sincerely hope our lists of best children's books will help you in picking books for your kids or planning your classroom curriculum.

Enjoy the books!
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