Teaching the Alphabet
with the Best Kids Books

What could be more fun than teaching the alphabet with clever, creative, adorable,  funny children's books!  The two go hand in hand, and kids just love seeing all the fun themes that authors and illustrators build their unique alphabet books around.
Children's books are such a great tool for helping young ones make that important first step in learning to read: learning the letters of the alphabet. 

Additionally, alphabet books are often among a child's first exposures to read alouds as well as the skill of acquiring knowledge from printed text. Thus, selecting fun, engaging, and educational picture books to use in your preschool and kindergarten alphabet lessons is a vitally important task.

And don't forget that ABC books aren't just for little ones!  Yes, they're invaluable to use when actually teaching the alphabet letters, but ABC books are also often used by authors and illustrators as merely the structural framework around which they can explore a theme, a story, or an artistic form.  Many alphabet books are actually quite sophisticated, and we've made to sure to include some of those 'big kid abc books' on this list as well. 

Books for Teaching the Alphabet

LMNO Peas 
(peas doing different
activities and jobs
for each alphabet letter)

by Keith Baker
preschool - 1st grade

ABC: Child's First
Alphabet Book

(very basic but darling
'a is for' book)
by Alison Jay

preschool - Kindergarten

Paul Thurlby
(basic "a is for ___"
format with ADORABLE

preschool - 1st grade

Click, Clack,

(animals type their way
thru the alphabet on
Farmer Brown's farm)

Preschool - 1st grade

Food for Thought 
(oddly adorable collection
of 'food sculptures' for
teaching concepts
by Saxton Freymann
preschool - 1st grade

Superhero ABC 
(collection of funny
superheroes with
traits that start with
a given letter)

by Bob McLeod
Kindergarten - 4th grade

The Graphic Alphabet 
(clever, minimalist 'a
is for ___' book --
a Caldecott Honoree!)

by David Pelletier
all ages

(animals created by
the initial letter of
the animal's name)

by Sharon Werner
Kindergarten - 4th grade

(pop-up letters,
"the most innovative
alphabet book of...the
decade" [Wash Post])
by Marion Bataille

all ages

(A Zipping, Zooming
ABC -- great for
teaching the alphabet
by Debora Pearson
Preschool - 2nd grade

The Hidden Alphabet 
(creative use of flaps
and negative space
help teaching
alphabet letters)

by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Preschool - 2nd grade

G is for One Gzonk! 
(made up, Seussian
creatures and rhymes-
one for each letter)

by Tony DiTerlizzi
Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Chicka Chicka
Boom Boom

(alphabet letters race
up a tree--a classic to
learn alphabet letters!)
by Bill Martin Jr

Preschool - 1st grade

Electric Cars
(twenty-six alphabet
worlds made with
by Valorie Fisher

preschool - 3rd grade

Alphabet City 
(alphabet letters show
up in city scenes,
a Caldecott book!)
by Stephen Johnson

all ages

(beautiful spreads,
each PACKED with items
that start with that letter)
by Graeme Base

all ages

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Eating the Alphabet 
(presents fruits and
vegetables for each
letter of the alphabet)

by Lois Ehlert
preschool - 3rd grade

I Stink!
(about a spunky little
garbage truck; incl.
funny abc list of
items he 'ate')
by Kate & Jim McMullan

Preschool - 2nd grade

Alpha Bugs 
(pop-up book with silly
made-up bugs,i
e: jar of
jumping jellybean bugs
by David Carter
preschool - 2nd grade

Z is for Moose
(Zebra tries to put on an
ABC show, but moose
won't wait his turn)
by Kelly Bingham
Kindergarten - 2nd grade


(special secret mission
to help a little boy learn
his letters--CUTE!)
by Al MacCuis
Preschool- 1st grade

What Pete Ate
from A to Z

(cute but curious
little pooch devours an
ABC list of odd items)
by Maira Kalman
Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Alpha Oops! The
Day Z Went First

(As letter A introduces
himself, Z jumps in
and chaos breaks out)
by Alethea Kontis

1st grade - 3rd grade

Alpha Oops! H is
for Halloween

(Alpha Oops letters
put on an ABC
Halloween Pageant)
by Alethea Kontis

Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Alphabet Rescue
(alphabet letters build
a fire truck and save
the day)
by Audrey Wood
preschool - 1st grade

Alphabet Adventure
(alphabet friends try to help the letter i replace
his lost dot)
by Audrey Wood
preschool - 1st grade

Alphabet Mystery
(a cute mystery that
also helps kids learn
alphabet letters)
by Audrey Wood
preschool - 1st grade

Old Black Fly
(a fly is on the loose
and creates an ABC
list of havoc!)
by Jim Aylesworth

Preschool - 3rd grade

AlphaTales helps kids learn alphabet letters ...one story at a time!

The Big Book of AlphaTales
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Books That Emphasize One Specific Letter

The following books weren't written specifically to teach the alphabet (like those above), but they do have a TON of alliteration of a given letter, so if kids need extra practice on letters, these books could help.

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Enjoy the books!

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