Teaching Service
with the best children's books

Teaching service and helping others can't be done through direct instruction. Children learn these traits through the examples of others and their own experiences helping others, then seeing the good that comes from it.  To help children develop a
spirit of service, helping others, and self-sacrifice, teachers and parents can set up ways to help their students engage in service activities.

Or... you can can share positive examples of service via stories in great children's books. Most powerful: do both! :)  The children's books listed below are helpful for teaching self- sacrifice, service, and helping others. We hope to add more, so please share.

Great Books for Teaching Service

The Mitten Tree
by Candice Christiansen
Preschool - Grade 1

The Cats in
Krasinski Square

by Karen Hesse
Grade 3 - Grade 5

Is There Really a
Human Race

by Jamie Lee Curtis
Kindergarten - Grade 3

A Castle on
Viola Street

by DyAnne DiSalvo
Kindergarten - Grade 3

by David Macaulay
Grade 2 & Up

The Giving Tree
by Shel Silverstein
great for all ages

The Trees of the
Dancing Goats
by Patricia Polacco

Kindergarten - Grade 4

The Lady in
the Box

by Ann McGovern
Grade 2 - Grade 4

How to Heal a
Broken Wing

by Bob Graham
Kindergarten - Grade 2

In My Hands
Memories of a
Holocaust Rescuer

by Irene Gut Opdyke
Grade 5 & Up

A Single Shard
(Newbery Winner)
by Linda Sue Park
Grade 5 - Grade 8

A Picture of

The Diary of a Slave Girl
(Dear America series)
Grade 4 - Grade 6

Random Acts
of Kindness
by Conari Press

More Random Acts
of Kindness

by Conari Press

Kids' Random
Acts of Kindness

by Conari Press

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