Teaching Manners
with cute, funny children's books

Below are fun children's books that are great for teaching manners. Admittedly, this topic can sometimes be a downright drag to teach, but when approached in a fun, lighthearted way, it can be fun.  And, since children often learn best through stories, this 'indirect' path toward teaching manners is WAY more effective than an 'lecturing' approach!

These cute and funny children's books are best for discussion starters, not 'lectures' on manners in and of themselves.  We don't like those kinds of books. :)

Time to Say Please
(book about manners)
by Mo Willems
Preschool - 1st grade

Decibella and Her
6-Inch Voice

(inside voice levels)
Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Interrupting Chicken
(funny interrupting example)
by David Ezra Stein
Preschool -  3rd grade

Manners Mash-Up
A Goofy Guide to Good
by Ted Arnold
2nd grade - 4th grade

Don't Let the Pigeon
Drive the Bus

(having a fit / not accepting
by Mo Willems
Preschool - 1st grade

Personal Space Camp
(personal space)
by Julia Cook
Preschool - 1st grade

Mind Your Manners,
B.B. Wolf

(manners in general)
preschool - grade 2

Rude Mule
(funny 'bad example' story)
by Pamela Edwards
Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Dude, That's Rude!
Get Some Manners
by Pamela Espeland
3rd grade and up

Do Unto Otters
A Book About Manners
by Laurie Keller
Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Lily's Purple
Plastic Purse

(story about apologizing)
by Kevin Henkes
Preschool - 4th grade

(general book on manners)

written/illustrated by Aliki
Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Lady Lupin's
Book of Etiquette

by Babette Cole
preschool - 3rd grade

Bite-Size Life Lessons
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Kindergarten - 5th grade

Rules of the Wild
An Unruly Book of Manners
by Bridget Levin
Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Lacey Walker,
Non-Stop Talker

(listening, not always talking)
by Christianne Jones

Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Don't Do That
by Tony Ross
Kindergarten - 2nd grade

My Mouth is
a Volcano

(interrupting / blurting)
by Julia Cook

Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Oh boy, this list is getting long and yet we have more books to share. However, we'll stop here for now.  If you haven't found the right book in the list above, here are others to consider:

     Martha Doesn't Say Sorry  by Samantha Berger
     Martha Doesn't Share  by Samantha Berger
     Tissue Please  by Lisa Kopelke
     Excuse Me  by Lisa Kopelke
     Manners Can Be Fun  by Munroe Leaf
     How to Behave  by Munroe Leaf
     How to Speak Politely and Why by Munroe Leaf
     This Little Piggy's Book of Manners  by Kathryn Allen
     The Thingumajig Book of Manners  by Irene Keller

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