Teaching Graphs
with the best children's books

Children's books can be a lot of fun to use when for teaching graphs, tallying, and data collection. Picture books get kids engaged and help them develop a deeper understanding of this math subject. When there's a story behind the graph, kids better understand WHY making graphs is so helpful! That's a component of graphing kids often miss. Kids can often put together a graph when provided with data, but some end up not really understanding WHY graphing would be any better than just looking at the raw data itself... WHY bother making a graph at all?

Books are great for that! If you don't currently love teaching graphing (or even if you do!), try adding one of the cute children's graphing books listed below to your math curriculum. The list below of math books for kids includes links to buy the books on Amazon.  Or, to save 50% or more on math children's books, check out our list of SALE math books. 

Best Books for Teaching Graphs, Tallying & Data Collection

with links to buy on Amazon

Tally O'Malley book about tallying for kids

Tally O'Malley
(a family on a road trip
plays I Spy & tallies results)

Kindergarten - 2nd grade

The Best Vacation Ever
(girl collects data about
where to go on vacation)

Kindergarten - 3rd grade

The Great Graph Contest children's book about graphing

Great Graph Contest
(contest to make best of
different types of graphs)

1st grade - 3rd grade

Less than Zero book with graphing for kids

Less Than Zero
(a penguin graphs his
saving for a scooter)
2nd grade - 3rd grade

Lemonade for Sale Mathstart graphing children's book

Lemonade for Sale
(a group of friends track
lemonade sales with graphs)

1st grade - 3rd grade

Tiger Math -- real world examples of graphing for kids

Tiger Math
(a zoo graphs a baby
tiger's growth over time)

2nd grade - 5th grade

Tally Cat Keeps Track -- math storybook about tallying

Tally Cat Keeps Track
(friends tally the results
of different contests)

Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Family Reunion -- early reader about graphing

Family Reunion
(graphing traits at a reunion
via different types of graphs)

1st grade - 3rd grade

Sir Cumference and the
Off-the-Charts Dessert

(graphing to determine who
will win a baking contest)

3rd grade - 7th grade

Also....there are so many ways to use children's books for teaching graphs and data collection.  Not just books specifically designed to teach graphs, but any old book.  If you find a book where there's some variable element-- ie: "What do you think happened next after the story ended?" or "Do you think the monster was really real?" or "Would you rather be the dog or the goat?" -- turn that question into a whole group data collection and graphing activity. In our experience, the kids are surprisingly engaged these kind of activities every single time, as they become SUPER invested in their choice being the winning one!

To give you an idea of how we use regular books for teaching graphs, check out these two great kids books. Even though these books aren't necessarily written to teach this topic, they are a great graphing lesson resource that you might already have! (And let us know if you use a fun book to teach graphing in your class!)

Duck! Rabbit!

Click here for teaching graphing with this book.

Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?

Full of fun facts for teaching graphs: details

Math Readers

And... there are a few graphing children's books that we haven't had a chance to read these books yet. They are part of the Math Matters early reader series. As far as we know, there are four books in this series that are about graphing. These books are published by Kane Press. Until we get a chance to review them, you can find out more about them by visiting their website here.

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