Teaching Adjectives
with Great Children's Books

Below are some fun books for teaching adjectives. All books have adjectives, of course, but did you know there are also some books that have been written expressly to explain what adjectives and then provide lots of examples to show!

About half the books below directly teach adjectives, and the other books are just good "mentor texts" for adjectives. These are books that do a good job of using adjectives to tell a compelling story or convey information.  And, some of the book listings below have activity and lesson ideas. Be sure to click the links. :)

We'd love to add some more books to this list. Adjectives are something teachers need to teach over and over for it to stick. Know any good ones to add?

Fun Books for Teaching Adjectives
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If You Were an
(great introduction, part
of the Word Fun series)

1st grade - 4th grade

A You're Adorable
(goes thru an alphabet of
kind describing words)

Preschool - 2nd grade

The Woods
(cute story that has lots
of adjectives)

Preschool - 3rd grade

Many Luscious

A Book About Adjectives  
(World of Language series)
1st grade - 4th grade

Hairy, Scary,

What Is an Adjective?
(Words are Categorical)
1st grade - 4th grade

The Bug Book 
(a Grammar Tales
book that describes
different kinds of bugs
using adjectives)

1st grade - 3rd grade

A is for Angry
An Animal and
Adjective Alphabet
(with cute, silly

Preschool & Up

Old Hat, New Hat 
(a Berenstain Bears
book with lots
of adjectives)

Preschool - 2nd grade

Go, Dog, Go! 
(I Can Read It All By
Myself book with
lots of adjectives)

Preschool - 2nd grade

Quirky, Jerky,
Extra Perky

More About Adjectives 
(Words are Categorical)
1st grade - 4th grade

Pig Pigger Piggest
(a retelling of the
three little pigs, but
full of superlatives)

1st grade - 4th grade

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Beetle Bop
(describes different
kinds of beetles, some
with adjectives)

Preschool - 2nd grade

Beast Feast
(fun poems about
each FULL
of adjectives)

2nd grade - 5th grade

Fun Dog, Sun Dog
(a boy describes his dog
lots of adjectives)
Preschool - 3rd grade

Things that are most
in the world

(comparative adjectives)

Preschool - 3rd grade

We definitely need to grow this list with more great children's books for teaching adjectives. If you happen to know any children's books that are great to use when teaching adjectives, let us know!  And if you haven't found the right book for you on this list, you may want to check out:

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Enjoy the books!

Betsy, Cindy, and Virginia
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