Similes and Metaphors
children's books for metaphor
& simile lesson plans

Metaphor and simile lesson plans can be a lot of fun. There's such an inherent creativity in them! The children's books below can help encourage children's creativity and provide clever 'real world' examples of how they enhance writing! Metaphors and similes are like a box of chocolates-- you never know what the students will come up with.

Once the creative juices start flowing, that is. Some students get stuck in the "I can't think of anything" mentality, so it's a good idea to start the writing activity by exposing kids to creative and fun examples.  The children's books on this page are great for this. Once kids see some examples, they have a jumping off point for their own creations!  We'd love to grow this list!  If you have a favorite book that you use in metaphor and simile lesson plans, please take a minute to share it with us by clicking here.

Books for Teaching Similes & Metaphors

My Best Friend is as
Sharp as a Pencil
& other funny classroom
portraits (full of stunning
found-art illustrations)
by Hanoch Piven

1st grade to 5th grade

Skin Like Milk,
Hair of Silk

What Are Similes &
Metaphors? (Words are
CATegorical series)
by Brian Cleary

1st grade and up

My Dog is as Smelly
as Dirty Socks

and other funny family

portraits (full of stunning
found-art illustrations)
by Hanoch Piven
1st grade to 5th grade

Quick as a Cricket
by Audrey Wood
(intended audience is young,
but is great for teaching
similes to older kids)

Muddy as a Duck Puddle
and other American similes
by Laurie Lawlor

2nd grade to 5th grade

Crazy like a Fox:
A Simile Story

(story about a fox, a lamb,
and a surprise party)
by Loreen Leedy

Kindergarten to 3rd grade

Stubborn as a Mule
and other Silly Similes
by Nancy Loewen

2nd grade to 5th grade

You're Toast and Other
Metaphors W
e Adore

by Nancy Loewen
2nd grade to 5th grade

We also have a list of kids' books that have lots of similes and metaphors, and thus would be good as examples during simile lesson plans.  To see those books, click the arrow below.

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