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Shapes Books for Kids
best books on geometry shapes

Below are creative books for teaching geometry shapes for kids. Just like learning the alphabet or the numbers 1-10, children love learning shapes! They're so proud of this fancy 'big kid' knowledge...and we love to see that joy.  These fun and clever math picture books are perfect for teaching basic two dimensional or three dimensional shapes. We especially like the books with real photographs that show basic geometry shapes are all around us. We show a lot of them and use these when we are teaching shape and about to go on a 'shape hunt'.

If you're looking for geometry books for older kids, we do also have a page of books about more advanced geometry topics (circumference, area, angles, ratios...)

Best Books about Geometry Shapes
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Skippyjon Jones Shape Up

Skippyjon Jones
Shape Up

(a funny little dog helps
teach basic shapes)

preschool - Kindergarten

When a Line Bends, a Shape Begins children's book on shapes

When a Line Bends,
Shape Begins

(teaches 10 different
2D shapes)
preschool - 2nd grade

Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes -- MathStart

Captain Invincible and
the Space Shapes

(space journey with
3D shapes--part of the
Math Start series)

kindergarten - 4th grade

shape by shape children's book

Shape by Shape
(fun to use when teaching
basic 2D shapes, plus

there's a mystery added)
preschool - 1st grade

The Greedy Triangle -- children's book for teaching geometry shapes

The Greedy Triangle
(little triangle sees what
it's like to live as
other 2D shapes)

preschool - 2nd grade

Cubes, Cones, Cylinders, and Spheres

Cubes, Cones,
Cylinders, & Spheres

(uses photographs to teach
that 3D
shapes all around us)
reschool - 4th grade

Icky Bug Shapes -- children's book

Icky Bug Shapes
(uses bug bodies to teach
different shapes)

preschool - 2nd grade

So Many Circles, So Many Squares -- childrens books about shapes

So Many Circles,
So Many Squares

(uses photographs to teach
shapes all around us)
preschool - 1st grade

If You Were a Polygon

If You Were a Polygon
(Math Fun series book that
teaches all about polygons)

1st grade - 2nd grade

Shapes Shapes Shapes -- book for teaching shapes

Shapes, Shapes,

(uses photographs to teach
shapes all around us)
good for all ages

I Spy Shapes in Art -- childrens book

I Spy Shapes in Art
(teaches basic shapes by
famous artworks)
preschool - 2nd grade

Circle Dogs by Kevin Henkes

Circle Dogs
(story about dogs that can be
used to teach shapes
preschool - Kindergarten

Windows, Rings, and Grapes -- book about shapes

Windows, Rings, &
Grapes: a Look at
Different Shapes

(crazy Math is Categorical cats!)
Grade 1 & Up

Tyrannosaurus Math

Tyrannosaurus Math
(dinos explore shapes and
other math concepts
Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Round is a Mooncake

Round is a Mooncake
(great to teach basic shapes,
plus a little bit about
Chinese culture)

- kindergarten

Not a Box -- childrens book for teaching shapes

Not a Box
(one simple box equals
many possibilities! fun for
teaching basic shapes)

preschool - 1st grade

Enjoy the books!

Betsy, Cindy, and Virginia (the teachers/sisters behind this website)

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books for teaching shapes

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