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Geometry Books
Great for Geometry Lesson Plans

Below are fun and education children's books to use in your geometry lesson plans.  Some are our own discoveries; some are reader recommendations.  I clearly remember learning geometry as a child. I loved it! I loved measuring things, plugging in formulas and figuring out area, perimeter, circumference... I took care to ensure every line was straight and every formula was correct.  It was an ideal subject for the little perfectionist in me! :)

But what I also clearly remember is that I had no idea why we were doing any of it. The practical, real world application was totally lost on me. Was I just not listening or was the 'real world' use of geometry not part of the geometry curriculum? I'm not sure which one it truly was, but I do clearly remember this gap in my learning!

Good books on geometry for kids can help bridge this gap. They help answer those 'age old' questions: "Why do we need to know this?" and "When will I ever use this?" Using books like these when teaching geometry lesson plans helps students see real world applications and helps ensure geometry lesson are differentiated for different learning styles. The book reviews below include links to buy from Amazon.  Or, save 50% with our SALE math books.

Books for Geometry Lesson Plans
with links to buy on Amazon

Shape Up
("Fun with Triangles & Other
Polygons" -- full of activities!)
2nd grade - 6th grade

Zachary Zormer:

(uses ordinary items to
show geometric concepts)
2nd grade - 4th grade

The Librarian Who
Measured the Earth

(biography of Eratosthenes)
2nd grade - 6th grade

(intro to triangles & angles)
2nd grade - 4th grade

If You Were a
(Math Fun series with
characteristics & examples
1st grade - 4th grade

If You Were a
(Math Fun series with
characteristics & examples
1st grade - 4th grade

Hamster Champs
1st grade - 3rd grade

Racing Around
(MathStart series book--
kids calculate perimeter

of a race track)

1st grade - 3rd grade

Cut Down to Size at
High Noon

(the story of a big scale
drawing showdown in
an Old West town)

3rd grade - 8th grade

Spaghetti and
for All!

(planning seating for a
party using geometry)

2nd grade - 4th grade

What's Your Angle,

(fictionalized story of how a
young Pythagoras learned
about right angles)

4th grade - 7th grade

and the Ratios

(follow up story, this
time a music contest

teaches about ratios)

3rd grade & up

Chickens on the Move
Math Matters series book
2nd grade - 4th grade

The Fly on the Ceiling
(kid friendly bio of Decartes,
father of analytic geometry)

2nd grade - 4th grade

Grandfather Tang's Story
A Tale Told with Tangrams
Kindergarten - 4th grade

Don't miss the Sir Cumference series for teaching geometry!

The Sir Cumference books are a great resource for teaching geometry lessons!  Below are the eight books of Cindy Neuschwander's popular Sir Cumference series. Set in the court of Camelot, each tale is actually a geometry lesson, with a mystery or dilemma that can only be solved with the aid of geometry knowledge and tools. Some books are great for introducing a concept, while others are best to use once students are familiar with the concepts covered. Considering how popular these books are with teachers, we hope there's more to come!

Each of the main characters is cleverly named after geometry terms. There's:
- Sir Cumference, a knight in Camelot
- Lady Di of Ameter, his dutiful wife
- Radius, their brave and beloved son
- Perimeter, the cousin of Radius
- and others (incl, of course, the legendary King Arthur)

Note: A few of these are not about geometry, but since the majority of the series is, we figure we'd include all the books together on this page anyway.

diameter, radius

Sir Cumference and the
First Round Table
2nd grade - 6th grade

angles, degrees,

Sir Cumference and the
Great Knight of Angleland
2nd grade - 6th grade

cubes, cones,

Sir Cumference and the
Sword in the Cone
3rd grade - 5th grade

pi, circumference
Sir Cumference and the
Dragon of Pi
1st grade - 6th grade

perimeter, area
Sir Cumference and the
Isle of Immeter
3rd grade - 6th grade

place value
Sir Cumference and
All the Kings Tens
2nd grade - 6th grade

coordinate geometry
Sir Cumference and the
Viking's Map
2nd grade - 6th grade

graphing types
Sir Cumference and the
Viking's Map
3rd grade - 7th grade

rounding techniques
Sir Cumference and the
Roundabout Battle
2nd grade - 5th grade

also check out The Warlord Series

We're currently reviewing this series that's great for teaching geometry, particularly tangrams. We'll add reviews soon, but in the meantime, here are the book covers. They might be fun to read as lead-ins for geometry lesson plans.

Enjoy the books!

Betsy, Cindy, and Virginia (the teachers/sisters behind this website)

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