Fall Books for Kids
cute kid's books on autumn

Listed below are the best fall books for kids. We just love books about fall. It's such a fun time of year to teach about---so multi-sensory!  And apparently, authors like to write fall books for children because there are quite a few of them!

We've tried to trim down our list to just include what we feel are the best autumn books, but we are definitely open to your input. If you have some favorite books about fall that we  have not listed, please let us know.

(adorable book about a
confused little bear

experiencing autumn
for the first time)

by David Ezra Stein

Preschool - Grade 1

The Little Yellow Leaf
(a simple story about a 
lone leaf that doesn't want
to let go of the branch--
a story of courage)

by Carin Berger

Preschool - Grade 2

Fall Leaves Fall!
(talks about all the things
that kids can "do" with
fall leaves)
by Zoe Hall

Preschool - Grade 1

Fletcher and
the Falling Leaves

(when the leaves start
to fall,
little Fletcher is
terribly worried)

by Julia Rawlinson
Grade 2- Grade 4

Autumn Leaves
(a beautiful photo-essay
on autumn leaves featuring
a life-size photograph
of the tree it came)
by Ken Robbins

Kindergarten-Grade 3

Leaf Man
(a Leaf Man made from
leaves flies to the
ground and
observes all
sorts of fall scenes)

by Lois Ehlert
Preschool - Grade 3

Let It Fall
by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
PreSchool - Kindergarten

We're Going On
a Leaf Hunt 

by Steve Metzger
PreSchool -Grade 3

It's Fall
(cut-paper illustrations
and simple text about every-
thing you see, smell,
hear, and touch in fall)
by Linda Glaser

Preschool - Grade 2

Why Do Leaves
Change Color?
(an informative book that
explains what happens to leaves
in fall as they change colors )
by Betsy Maestro

Kindergarten - Grade 4

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf
(intro to the life of a tree
using watercolor collage
plus seeds, fabric, roots...)
by Lois Ehlert

Kindergarten - Grade 2

Too Many Pumpkins
(when a woman buries an unwanted pumpkin, she
then gets a HUGE
bumper crop the next fall)
by Linda White

Preschool - Grade 3

There Was An Old
Lady Who Swallowed
Some Leaves

PreSchool - Grade 2

Fall Is Not Easy
by Marty Kelley
Kindergarten - Grade 2

Fall Mixed Up
by Bob Razcka
PreSchool & Up

(dozens of fall poems
with Florian's
fascinating illustrations)

by Douglas Florian
Grade 1-5

A Tree for All Seasons
by Robin Bernard
Grade 3-7

Enjoy the books!

Betsy, Cindy, and Virginia (the teachers/sisters behind this website)

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