Survival at 40 Below
by Debbie Miller and John Van Zyle

This is a GREAT kids book if you want to teach children how different animals have adapted to stay alive during the harsh, frigid winters in Alaska's Gates of the Arctic National Park. 

Miller covers the coping strategies and hibernation techniques of large mammals (ie: polar bears, musk ox...) all the way down to birds, fish, amphibians (ie: frozen frogs!) and insects (ie: wooly bear caterpillars!)

This book is seriously interesting. We couldn't believe how much WE learned from this book (as adults) and how interested our students were. In our experience, kids are VERY interested in anything related to hibernation, and they ate up all the interesting coping strategies in this book. 

Interest Level:   2nd grade - 6th grade

(Note: We paraphrased the content of this book for kids even younger than that, and they were very interested in the information, peppering us with questions and 'what ifs' and 'what abouts'.  So, don't over look it if you teach younger kids!)

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