Archaeology for Kids

These books on archaeology for kids are perfect for ancient world history lessons or for adding a little history to your story time. Kids love these types of books. Adults sometimes think that since children are still developing a sense of history and the passage of time, they can't really appreciate the heart of what archaeology is. But...they love it. They 'get' the joy of discovery aspect more than adults do, and do understand that the stuff is 'old.'

We'd like to expand this list, so if you know of some good books on archaeology for kids, please do let us know!  We love book recommendations.

best books on archaeology for kids

How Sphinx Got
to the Museum

2nd grade - 4th grade

Archaeologists Dig
for Clues

1st grade - 4th grade

Archaeology for Kids
Uncovering the Mysteries
of Our Past
5th grade - 9th grade

5,000-Year-Old Puzzle
Solving a Mystery of
Ancient Egypt
3rd grade - 5th grade

Motel of the Mysteries
by David MacAulay
6th grade +

If Stones Could Speak
Unlocking Secrets
of Stonehenge
5th grade - 8th grade

Then & Now
by Stefania Perring

Cities Then & Now
by Jim Antoniou

Enjoy the books!

Betsy, Cindy, and Virginia (the teachers/sisters behind this website)

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