Wolf Island
by Celia Godkin

Full of "beautiful, soft edged illustrations" (Booklist), this title shows what happens when a food chain breaks down--in this case, the impact on deer, rabbit, owl, and fox populations when a family of wolves leaves an island, then how the ecosystem is restored when the wolves return.

This book would not be our top pick for a food chain kids book that shows what happens when an ecosystem's food chain is disrupted (we like Sparrow Girl and The Wolves are Back better-- see them here). However, we do really like the "beautiful, soft-edged illustrations" (Booklist).

This book won the Christie's Children's Book Award for illustration in 1989 and was a Roundtable of Canada Information Book in 1990.

Interest Level for this book:   Grade 1 - Grade 4

See Inside This Book

Below are sample spreads from inside this book. 

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