Water Dance
by Thomas Locker

The stages of the water cycle are dramatically depicted through a series of paintings of the Catskills wilderness. Each painting is paired with a short haiku that lyrically describes the stage.

The final pages provide scientific explanations for the water cycle stage depicted in each painting.

School Library Journal called this book "a happy marriage of art and science" and we definitely agree with that, but we also think this book is better saved for the end of a water cycle unit. If students do not have a clear idea of the stages and forms that water can take, this title will surely be too abstract. When used at the end of a unit, however, it can be a powerful tool for assessing whether students understand the water cycle in a practical, real world way (ie: can they apply it?) 

Reading Levels
Interest Level: Gr. 2-5             DRA Level: 28                 Lexile Measure:  310L
Grade Level Equiv: 2.2          Guided Reading: M

See inside
Below are sample spread from inside The Water Dance. As you can see, Locker's paintings are lush and dramatic, and the water cycle stage being depicted is fairly clear. For all the paintings, students who are already familiar with the water cycle should be able to say which stage is depicted in each painting.

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