Tough Boris
by Mem Fox and Kathryn Brown

Pirates are all gruff, mean, greedy, and dangerous, right?  When a boy sneaks onto the ship of the meanest of the bunch--Tough Boris von der Borch --he learns that Boris and his crew are actually kind of sweet and fun. They cry when a pet parrot dies, they divide up their treasure evenly...they are not at all what the delighted little boy expects!

In their review, School Library Journal said "Tough Boris is a treasure....A compelling and entertaining tale of adventure."  We think your kids will like it!  Booklist rightly points out that in some of the early spreads it isn't clear that the boy is on the ship with the pirates. We recommend you add a little commentary to clear that up in case some kids miss it. (This shouldn't dissuade you from getting the book though. It's just a little thing to be aware of).

Interest Level:  Preschool - Grade 2
Grade Level Equivalent: 2.2
Lexile Measure:  190L

Below are two sample spreads from this fun book:

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