The Hungry Coat
A Tale from Turkey

retold and illustrated by Demi

We love this thought-provoking TRUE story from the life 13th century Turkish philosopher Nasrettin.  The tale is beautifully retold for a young audience by fabulous writer/ illustrator Demi, and will definitely make children think twice about judging a person by what they are wearing!

In the story, Nasrettin attends a fancy banquet, but he is snubbed by the other party-goers because his coat is shabby and patched. So, he leaves the banquet and returns in his finest clothes, only to find that he is then warmly welcomed by the very same party attendees. Nasrettin then helps the banquet guests learn a valuable lesson about not judging by appearances.

Reading Levels
Interest Level: K-Gr. 4               DRA Level: 20                Lexile Measure: 920
Grade Equivalent: 5.9               Guided Reading: L

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