The Blood-Hungry Spleen
and Other Poems About Our Parts

by Allan Wolf
illustrated by Greg Clarke

A truly silly but also educational collection of 34 poems that explore the workings of the human body for kids. Written by a science teacher, this is a collection of poetry that teaches while it entertains.

True, some poems are a bit more entertainment than education, and when you add in Clarke's humorous anthropomorphized body parts, and this book is undeniably a lot of fun. Still, overall it can be a great way to launch into teaching the human body for kids. You will certainly have your students attention!

School Library Journal called this book "a terrific and enriching addition to any life-science course." We like making lessons as cross-curricular as possible, so this is one of our favorites titles for classroom use.

Interest Level:    Grade 3-5

Below are sample pages from inside this book. We love the illustration style, and wow...this book is PACKED full of interesting information about the human body.

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