The Birdman
by Veronika Charles
illustrated by Annouchka Galouchko

This story, set in Calcutta, is based on a real person. Noor Nobi sews clothes to support his three children. When they are lost in an accident, he is overwhelmed with despair and unable to work.

Weeks later, while walking through the market, he notices the cages crammed with birds, and he longs to free them. With the little he has in his pocket, he buys one of them and releases it in the shade of a banyan tree.

Resolved, he works harder than ever before to earn money to buy more birds. With a new mission in his heart, he returns the next week to purchase as many as he can, nursing the frail ones back to health so he can set them free. The author includes background information on Noor Nobi and photographs of her visit to India and to the tailor's workshop. Spectacularly illustrated in gouache, this story of grief turned to compassion is lovely to look at and elegantly told.  (School Library Journal)

Here is a peek at the beautiful, richly detailed illustrations inside:

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