The Big Book of

A First Book for Young Children
by DK Publishing

Befitting a book on dinosaurs for kids, this title is big in every way--oversized format, oversized fonts, two-page spreads...

The text is simple and accessible, focuses on general topics (how they lived, how they found food, how they protected them- selves, including camoflauge techniques, etc...) rather than specifics about each individual species. The color photographs of dinosaur replicas are so detailed and sharp that dinosaur fans will be captivated!

School Library Journal said, "One can't miss this book, not only because its gigantic, but also because it's gorgeous."  And unlike most DK books, this book on dinosaurs for kids would be great as a read aloud.

Interest Level:    Grade 2  and Up

See inside:
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from inside The Big Book of Dinosaurs:

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