Sounds Like Reading series
by Brian Cleary & Jason Miskimins

The Sounds like Reading series was created by a former literacy coach and is full of imaginative, often humorous text and vibrant cartoon-like digital illustrations. Incorporating repetition, rhyme, and phonics, this is "a standout series of reading primers that are also well suited for English-language learners." (Booklist) Below are the books in the series. 

teaches short vowel

teaches long vowels &
consonant digraphs

teaches long vowel

teaches long vowels
& consonant blends

teaches short vowels
& consonant digraphs

teaches short vowels
& consonant blends

teaches infectional endings

vowel dipthongs
& controlled r

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See inside

Below is a sample spread from inside this series. This spread is from The Nice Mice in the Rice, where the emphasis is on long vowel sounds.  All of the books in this series follow this same general format of a large image and sentence, a side bar emphasizing the words being highlighted, and the little Sounds Like Reading mouse giving the reader a bit of direction. We think Miskimins' illustrations are just perfect for this fun and educational series.