Sir Cumference
and the Great Knight of Angleland

by Cindy Neuschwander
illustrated by Wayne Geehan

Sir Cumference's son Radius is on a quest. He has learned a great deal from his teacher, Sir D'Grees and has proven his worthiness by making a "knightly right angle" and then making a straight angle by doubling it.

Now he has embarked his first quest--to rescue a missing king with the help of his 'medallion for courage' (a protractor) and he's off.

As Radius solves different situations en route involving angles, the text includes clues to help the reader solve the dilemmas as well.  Students familiar with angles will enjoy applying their knowledge to determine which course Radius should take.

Reading Levels
Interest Level: Gr. 2-7               DRA Level: 40 
                    Lexile Measure:  450L
Grade Level Equiv:  4.1          Guided Rdg Level:  Q

See Inside
Below are sample spreads from inside this book:

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