Same, Same But Different
by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

Two pen pals from different continents (United States & India) share details about their lives and discover many things that are mostly the same, but slightly different (ie: how they get to school, what their neighborhood looks like...) The mixed media illustrations are vibrant and adorable, and they're so full of details that kids will want to look over them again and again.  This is a great book for teaching tolerance and diversity (and we also use it when teaching compare and contrast.)

Interest Level:  PreSchool - 3rd grade 

Here are some sample spreads from inside Same, Same But Different. Aren't the illustrations so adorable.  :)   And the 'same but different'
messages are really effective, ie: the spread below shows that both kids
go to school, just via a different mode of transport.

Same, Same But Different


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