Potato Joe
by Keith Baker

This spin on the popular "One Potato, Two Potato" rhyme features energetic little potatoes that burst from the ground one at a time and have all sorts of fun. The storyline counts to 10, then back down again, making it a great book for young ones learning numbers.

We just think this book is so adorable!  It's funny how a talented illustrator can make something as ordinary as potatoes come alive with personality. :)  Kids get a kick out of the whole silly premise. In fact, in a starred review, Publisher's Weekly suggests that "only someone with cold sour cream running through his veins could resist".  Cute...and true!

In addition to reading this book to kids learning numbers, this is a great read aloud for teaching long o since these little taters engage in all sorts of activities that rhyme with potato (ie: playing tic-tac-toe, holding a rodeo, spotting a black crow...)

Interest Level     Preschool - 1st grade

Below are sample pages from inside Potato Joe by Keith Baker. Your kids will never look at potatoes the same again!

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