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Pirates and Pirates Most Wanted
by John Manders

These books are a "browser's delight" (Booklist), introducing young readers to the lives and antics of the 17th-18th century Caribbean pirates via a novelty book format.  Start with Pirates, which provides a good overview of pirate history and general information about notorious pirates over the centuries.  Then, move on to Pirates Most Wanted, which provides a more in-depth account of thirteen notorious, "most wanted" pirates (three of which were women!)

Pages in both books are loaded with special features (fold out pages, small glued on books, playing cards), plus short biographies, detailed illustrations. These books will be particularly helpful for grabbing the attention of reluctant readers!  As Booklist promises: "Even if some of the less-permanent extras should abandon ship [the little novelty bits], there's still plenty to interest pirate fans, from the "Pirate Gallery" of short biographies to the detailed illustration of the vessel Queen Anne's Revenge, its parts carefully labeled."

Interest Level:     Grade 5 & Up

Below are sample spreads from inside this book. As you can see the pages are very attractively laid out and full of interesting information!  We know it's hard to tell that this book has novelty pull-outs and such (since our pictures are static), but don't forget they're part of this exciting publication!

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