Parts by Ted Arnold

A neurotic little boy panics when he notices distressing things about this body, like losing hair, peeling skin, belly-button lint, and 'boogers'.  After pages of hilarious panic-ridden thoughts, his parents come along and explain that the body's "lost parts" renew themselves.

This is a fun book to use when teaching about the parts of the human body because the small changes that the boy experiences are changes/occurrences that your students experience as well. It's all part of having a human body and the processes a body goes through to remain healthy and strong. Arnold's illustrations are a real hoot, and students will love the 'gross' factor (ie: when he finds "a chunk of something gray and wet" in his nose, he determines his brain is coming out!) 

After reading the book, discuss why our bodies would do those things. In our experience, kids are particularly interested in this discussion since they have experienced these things themselves.

Reading Levels
Interest Level:   Kindergarten-Grade 4          DRA Level:  16        Grade Level Equivalent: 3.5                  Guided Reading Level: I 

See inside
Here are a few sample pages from inside Parts by Ted Arnold. These pages show how this poor little, neurotic boy is consumed with worry over even the smallest bodily changes---even a tooth coming loose.  Perhaps it sounds mean to be laughing at this little boy's worries, but trust's actually quite funny because he worries over very small things that your students will find hilarious, especially since they have likely experienced--and weathered-- the small bodily occurrences and changes that so worry the main character.