Newbery Award Winners

Below are the winners of the prestigious Newbery Award. Several books receive this award each year, so this list is several pages long. Be sure to click the "more" arrow at the bottom of the page to see more.

Listed below are some of our favorite books of all time! These books center around characters who face struggles and find inner strength and new insight in the process. Some of these journeys of personal discovery and triumph are historically based--like Hattie's determination to create a new home for herself on the American frontier (Hattie Big Sky) or Elijah's new-found courage in tracking down the thief (Elijah of Buxton). Other journeys are contemporary in setting--like Catherine's journey of acceptance of her brother's autism in Rules.

Each book below tells a powerful story, and each is a worthy addition to the exclusive club of Newbery Award winning books.

After Tupac &
D Foster

by Jacqueline Woodson
6th grade - 9th grade

by Jacqueline Woodson
4th grade - 7th grade

Good Masters!
Sweet Ladies!

by Laura Amy Schlitz
5th grade & Up

Elijah of Buxton
by Christopher Paul Curtis
5th grade - 8th grade

The Wednesday Wars
by Gary Schmidt
4th grade - 8th grade

The Higher
Power of Lucky

by Susan Patron
4th grade - 6th grade

Hattie Big Sky
by Kirby Larson
6th grade - 8th grade

by Cynthia Lord
4th grade - 7th grade

Penny From Heaven
by Jennifer Holm
5th grade - 8th grade

Show Way
by Jacqueline Woodson
3rd grade - 6th grade

Criss Cross
by Lynne Ray Perkins
6th grade - 9th grade

Hitler Youth
Growing Up in Hitlers Shadow 

5th grade - 8th grade

Princess Academy
by Shannon Hale
5th grade - 9th grade

by Cynthia Kadohata
6th grade - 9th grade

by Alan Armstrong
4th grade - 6th grade

The Voice that
a Nation
Marian Anderson and the
Struggle for Equal Rights

5th grade - 9th grade

Al Capone Does
My Shirts

by Jennifer Choldenko
5th grade - 8th grade

The Tale of Despereaux
by Kate DiCamillo
3rd grade & Up

Lizzie Bright & the
Buckminster Boy
by Gary Schmidt

6th grade - 9th grade

An American Plague
The True and Terrifying
Story of the
Yellow Fever
Epidemic of 1793

by Jim Murphy
6th grade - 10th grade

Olive's Ocean
by Kevin Henkes
5th grade - 8th grade

Crispin: The
Cross of Lead

by Avi
4th grade - 8th grade

The House of
the Scorpion

 by Nancy Farmer
7th grade & Up

Pictures of
Hollis Woods

by Patricia Reilly Giff
4th grade & 7th grade