Multiplying Menace
The Revenge of Rumpelstiltkskin
by Pam Calvert; illustrated by Wayne Geehan

(3rd grade - 6th grade) Rumpelstiltskin has returned and is threatening to harm the kingdom if he is not repayed for the gold he spun 10 years ago. The baby that was promised to him in the fairy tale is now a ten year old boy named Peter and he is the only one who can get hold of Rumplestiltskin's secret multiplying wand and save the kingdom.

In the process, the reader learns about multiplying with whole numbers and fractions. This is a fun book to read aloud when teaching multiplication (including fractions), but not as an introduction.

Kids who cannot themselves multiply whole numbers and fractions will not be able to follow Peter's math solutions. By contrast, kids who have familiarity with the subject will enjoy solving the dilemma along with Peter. Therefore, we recommend this title in the middle or end of your unit, not as an introduction! Sample are two sample spreads: