Muddy as a Duck Puddle: and Other American Similes
by Laurie Lawlor; illustrated by Ethan Long

Muddy as a Duck Puddle and Other American Similes

What it's about
This alphabet list of uniquely American similes is sly and irreverent...and can add a lot of fun to simile lessons. There is one 'proverbial comparisons' for each letter of the alphabet (ie: "Jittery as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs"), and each simile is accompanied by colorful cartoon illustrations that explain the simile and add a huge dose of humor. Our only concern is that most of the similes are obscure and will need to explain by an adult. (An end section provides explanations and orgins.) Regardless, "kids will relish the boisterous insults and ornery frontier references in both the words and pictures." (Booklist)  This book is great for teaching similes, or it "could also serve as a preamble to a unit on the American tall tale and its propensity to exaggerate." (SLJ)

Reading levels
Interest Level:  Gr. 2-5        DRA Level:  n/a
Difficulty Level:  age 4-8      Lexile Measure: n/a  

Awards and Rating
Average Amazon Rating: 4 stars (2 reviews)

Peek Inside:

At right are two sample pages from inside Muddy as a Duck Puddle.

On the left is a typical page from inside the book--with a 'uniquely American simile' paired with one of Ethan Long's endearly illustrations. On the right is the back of the book, included here to, again, give you an idea of illustration style of the book.

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Muddy as a Duck Puddle