Merry-Go-Round: A Book About Nouns
by Ruth Heller

This title in Ruth Heller's 'World of Language' series teaching the reader all about nouns, including common, proper, abstract, concrete, compound, and collective nouns. Heller's grammar books are definitely popular with teachers, but some seem too dense, too packed with information. In our opinion, this is one of them. She covers a lot of ground in this book! To read it aloud from cover to cover in one sitting would likely lead to many students tuning you out. Perhaps break it up into specific lessons rather than reading it all at one time.

We've bumped the interest level higher than the publisher's recommendation, since we don't know many lower grades classrooms that are learning about collective nouns, abstract nouns, etc. However, despite our concern that too much ground is being covered in this book (who is the audience?), we totally agree with Publisher's Weekly, who promises "rarely does a book offer children so much to look at, listen to and learn."

Interest Level:  Grade 3-7  /  Grade Equivalent:  4.5

Below are sample spreads from inside Merry-Go-Round. The illustrations are undeniably beautiful and so highly detailed.  Wow! 

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