Lincoln Tells a Joke
How Laughter Saved the President
(and the Country)

Lincoln Tells a Joke: How Laughter Saved the President (and the Country)
by Kathleen Krull and Paul Brewer
illustrated by Stacy Innerst

Poor Abraham Lincoln! His life was hardly fun at all. A country torn in two by war, citizens who didn’t like him as president, a homely appearance--what could there possibly be to laugh about? And yet he did laugh. Lincoln wasn’t just one of our greatest presidents. He was a comic storyteller and a person who could lighten a grim situation with a clever quip.

This unusual biography of Lincoln highlights his life and presidency, focusing on what made his sense of humor so distinctive--and so necessary to surviving his tough life and times. This book makes Lincoln seem cool.  Kids will dig it. :)

This book got great reviews
"Innerst's colorful and unconventional acrylic illustrations cover the entire page and are the perfect complement to both the text and the subject matter, making this a standout biography."  (School Library Journal, starred review)

"Laughter is not only good medicine. It can also be a political tool, human motivator, and saving grace, as the authors show in this upbeat overview of Lincoln’s life."  (Booklist)

Interest Level:  Grade 3 - Grade 4            Lexile Measure: 860L

Below are some sample pages from inside this book. We love the illustration style, don't you? :)

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