Life on Earth
The Story of Evolution

by Steve Jenkins

Stunning cut and torn paper collages fill the pages of this well written large-format introduction to evolution.

Jenkins poses and then answers questions on topics like survival of the fittest, mutation, and extinction-- challenging subjects to be sure, but Jenkins presents them "with a clarity that demonstrates his mindfulness of the audience." (Publisher's Weekly)

School Library Journal rightly called this book "a polished exposition of a difficult, often controversial scientific concept." And Publisher's Weekly ended its review by calling the book "science at its most inviting."

Reading Levels

Interest Level:  Grade 3-6           DRA Level: 40             Lexile Measure: 810L

See inside
Below are sample illustrations from inside this book. First is a small version of a tri-fold, then  'zoomed in' part of that tri-fold in an attempt to show you how fantastic they are. truly have to see them in large, book format to understand why they are so truly fantastic!

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