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In a Pickle and Mad as a Wet Hen
by Marvin Terbin

In a Pickle: And Other Funny Idioms
This classic book presents 30 examples of idioms like "straight from the horse's mouth" and "white elephant" --all comically explained and illustrated. Booklist promises that this book "will be useful in a classroom setting or as a browser's delight."

Interest Level: Grade 1-5  (although some of the idioms will not be familiar with younger kids)

Mad as a Wet Hen! And Other Funny Idioms
Also by Terban and Maestro, this title is for slightly older children and includes 136 examples of idioms, many including historical origins and each one paired with a hilarious black and while illustration. It's not exactly a new release, but it works!

Interest Level:  Grade 3-6

Below are sample spreads from inside both books. These first two spreads are from inside
In a Pickle, which is geared toward younger children:

These next two spreads are from inside
Mad as a Wet Hen, which is geared toward the middle grades:

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