If You Were an Antonym

by Nancy Loewen & Sara Gray

This Word Fun companion book to If You Were a Synonym is a great resource for early lessons on antonyms, teaching what they are and providing page after page of examples. (ie: "If you were an antonym, you would be a word that is the opposite of another word... The room could be dark or light....Your dad's radio is either on or off...")

Charming, brightly colored illustrations and bouncy, engaging text about antonyms make this book a great resource. Definitions and examples are straight- forward and kid-friendly, and the antonyms are printed in capitals and in a different color to help them stand out. Gray's illustrations are cute and illustrate the synonyms well (although they may be too young for 3rd graders?)  The last few pages include directions for a related game, a glossary, and a resources list.

Reading Levels
Interest Level:  Grade 1-3            Lexile Measure: 570L

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