If You Were an Adjective
(Word Fun series)

by Michael Dahl
illustrated by Sara Gray
a Word Fun series book

If You Were an Adjective is a fun and accessible book perfect for introducing adjectives. Simple explanations and definitions of adjectives are paired with example sentences illustrated in vibrant, kid-friendly scenes.

For example, in the above spread, the text reads: "If you were an adjective, you would tell us how a person, place, or thing looks." And then the example provided reads: The SLENDER swimmer snaps a photo of the ENORMOUS whale in the DEEP, BLUE water."

In its review of the book, Booklist said "the art is a delight, and the peppy prose...helps the lesson slide down easily."  As we've said on a few other pages, we are fans of this series and eager to let other teachers know about these books.

This book is part of the Word Fun series, which covers a range of language arts and math topics. Great series!

Interest Level: Gr. 1-3            Lexile Measure: 610L

See inside

Below is a sample spread from inside this book. It's the third spread -- this one aimed at teaching how nouns and adjectives work together. The text on the left reads: "I you were an adjective, you would work side by wide with nouns. A noun names a person, place, or thing. As an adjective, you would be busy describing nouns. / An elephant is a noun."

The right side of the spread then illustrates the explanation just given on the left side. It reads: "If you were an adjective, you would tell us something about the elephant. / The GRAY elephant is GIGANTIC and WET. The SPARKLING water cools down the HOT elephant."

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