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If You Were a Synonym
Word Fun series

written by Michael Dahl; illustrated by Sara Gray

This title in the Word Fun series defines synonyms, then moves on to show how synonyms "keep sentences exciting and add variety" and can be different parts of speech (with examples of noun synonyms, verb synonyms, and adjective synonyms.)

The bright illustrations have a lot of movement and energy, although we wonder if they may be too juvenile for 3rd graders. (What do you think?) The last few pages include directions for a group synonyms game, plus a glossary of synonyms and a list of other resources. Pair with If You Were an Antonym (here).

Interest Level:  Grade 1-3

Below are sample pages from inside If You Were a Synonym. As you can see, the synonyms are in capital letters and (sometimes) in different color to help them stand out from the surrounding text.

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