If You Were a Homonym
or a Homophone

by Nancy Loewen
illustrated by Sara Gray

This title uses whimsical illustrations and bouncy, rhythmic text to teach homonyms, homophones, and the difference between the two. Additionally, the last few pages include directions for a group learning activity, a glossary of words from the book, and a list of additional resources.

Interest Level:   Grade 1-3                    Lexile Measure: 590L

Below are sample pages from inside the book.  The first sample page is the second page in the book, immediately following a page that says "If you were a homonym..."  Most of the pages are similar to this one, with illustrated examples of different homonyms or homophones.  Roughly every other page (once per spread), a few explanatory sentences are also included, providing additional definitions and explanations about homonyms and homophones.  (ie...the page just after this one reads: "If you were a homonym, you would be spelled and pronounced the same as another word, but you would have a different meaning.")

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