If You Were a
Compound Word

written by Trisha Shasken
illustrated by Sara Gray

This Word Fun book combines whimsical full-page illustrations and straight- forward text to create a concise and engaging lesson in compound words.

Each spread generally includes a sentence or two defining compound words and providing some related examples (ie: "If you were a compound word, you would be two words put together to make one word with a new meaning. / At the head- waters of the Mississippi River in Minnesota, a dragonfly rests on a sandbar.")

One thing that makes this book a stand out is the great variety of words featured. It's nice to see compounds other than the usual butterfly, hamburger, breakfast... This expanded collection of compounds makes this book ideal for follow-up lessons, once you've gone over the basics and want to then show a wider range of examples. End pages include a game, a glossary of words used on the book, and more.

Reading Levels
Interest Level:  Grade 1 - 4                 Lexile Measure: 820L

See inside
Below are the first two full spreads from inside If You Were a Compound Word. As you can see, this book is full of compound words (in capitals) and adorable illustrations, which have an almost quilted look to them. The illustrations are definitely one of the reason we like this series so much.

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