I Stink!
by Kate and Jim McMullan

A hungry and excited New York City garbage truck shares a delightfully disgusting ABC list of the disgusting items that he devours each day---dirty diapers, fish heads, ugly underpants...

Oh how we love this book! The artwork is as hilarious as the text. Your students will be in stitches.  Although...just to clarify, the ABC component is just one part of the book (when he explains what he ate).  It's not the main purpose or structure of the book.

Reading Levels
Interest Level:   Preschool - Grade 2
DRA Level:   24
Guided Reading Level:   M
Grade Level Equivalent  1.7

If you like this title, be sure to check out McMullan's other books I'm Dirty and I'm Mighty.  It's the same concept, just with different personalities. :)

Here are early spreads, where the little garbage truck with a HUGE personality heads out for a night of work, proudly narrating all that he does and eats.

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